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Women’s Alterations

The right tailor can make the difference between a garment that simply looks good on you, to a garment that absolutely makes you look stunning and makes you turn heads.

We offer high quality alterations to complete restyles for women, just imagine a wardrobe that is made to fit you.

Repair and Replacement of all types of Zippers, Coat & Pant Linings or Pockets
Original Factory Finish Hems on Pants and Jeans
Shortening of Coat Sleeves from the Shoulder or the entire length of a Jacket
Replace Leather/Suede/Velvet Elbow Patches
Raise or Lower Armholes on Coats / Jackets
Removal of Pleats from Pants / Slacks
Make Real or Faux Buttonholes on Jacket Sleeves
Patch up holes and tears in Jackets & Pants
Create Center Vent or Side Vents on a Jacket